VST 5.1 & Win 7

I’ve had VST v5.2 running for many years on WinXP.
I just this past week had to move to Windows 7 64-bit.
Will VST 5.2 work in Win 7?
If not what is the path to still access and work on my active projects?

Yes, VST 5 will work on Win7 64 bit (and Win 8 64bit too) but …

Some of the VSTs are 16 bit, and will not work on Win7 and above.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try this week

I wasn’t aware that VST 5 works on Win 7 64 bit…if that’s true then cool…if not you can always build another Win XP DAW just for VST 5.

If you have SX1 or higher, your USB dongle will allow you to run any previous version.

But if you only have a parallel/printer port dongle, as supplied with VST 5, this is likely to be your biggest problem as modern computers no longer have a port of this type. The version of the dongle driver currently supplied does not work with parallel ports, and you will need to try an earlier version from the archive on the elicenser site, which may not work on Win7/8.

Although Steinberg offer the ability to transfer an existing VST 5 licence from a parallel to a USB dongle, a new USB dongle will cost around £20 UK. I can’t comment on prices outside the UK, but SX1 or SX2 sell for around £20 on ebay UK, so it may be better to buy a second hand copy of SX1/2, rather than a new dongle.

That is weird- Cubase SX1 will not work on Win7 but the old Cubase VST 5 32bit will? (Can someone explain that in non computer engineer terms)?