Vst 64bits plugins


I was working on cubase 5 for a very long time, I bought cubase 11 pro and discovered that there are very few plugins. As it’s impossible to add old plugins I would like to know how to get more for free or not. So 64bit higher than VST 2.4

Other question: what do I do if I lost the usb key?


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Cubase is full packed of plug-ins. Make sure, you have installed all components, please.

There is a process to lock and block the lost USB-eLicenser and to ask for the replacement licenses.

Here’s the link to the Cubase 11 plugin manual, where you can see a list of all the included plugins. If you don’t see them, go back to the Steinberg Download utility and make sure you have installed all the content files, along with the main Cubase installer.


Thanks for your answer. I have all the plugins of the list, anyway all the great plugins I had with cubase 5 are unefficient and I don’t find equivalent.
That’s a pity.

Thanks Martin.
I got the plugins of the list anyway many of these I had with cubase 5 are unefficient and some are really great.
No equivalent on cubase 11.
That’s a pity.

Concerning the usb key that’s ok there is a solution, anyway the system is more and more locked down and fastidious.
I wonder if a eighty old person can use cubase!


You can try to use the 3rd party plug-in jBridge, which should bridge the old plug-ins to current Cubase. But you know… it’s a bridge…

Few months ago, there was an announcement, Steinberg is working on dongle-free licensing system. :wink:

I know even older Cubase users. :wink:

Thanks Martin.

I will try with jbridge. Anyway why Steinberg doesn’t propose other
plugins? Is there other VST plugins all around?

Good news concerning the dongle key!

Older than 80: Actualy I was talking about the dongle key not about
cubase which is great and ergonomic.

Maybe you can help me about Halion, I have no sound, I don’t understand
why and don’t find any answer on the forum.
My comptuter is new and my sound card works.


Try for example KVRaudio, please.

I would prefer to make a new topic in the VST Instrument thread. Make sure, you have the library installed, please.