VST alternative to logic sample delay


can you suggest any cause i need the stereo spread that logic gives with this plugin.I know i can delay two similar channels but i need something quicker than that.Maybe its time for Steinberg to consider it in a future update.It’s so easy to create :slight_smile:

Thank you

Check out the “Sound delay” plug-in from Voxengo, it’s also great to use on the input channels when tracking drums to align the close mikes with the overhead/main stereo pair.


Nice plug.
Very useful.


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you want to do but the track delay setting on an audio channel is a really quick way to create an offset between two channels.


I think lol wants to achieve a fake time difference stereo effect by time shifting either the left or right channel of a stereo track. The track delay setting is also useful in some situations but since it shifts both channels equally that’s not of much use here.

You could use it for the other task i wrote about, aligning drums, but I feel that the editing becomes more clumsy since the transients won’t align up visually.


Ok, seems I’m barking up the wrong tree. :wink:

Thats right TwinOak.I want a plugin that shifts only one of the two channels to create that stereo effect.Is the Voxengo sound delay the proper plugin for this kind of effect?

Is the Voxengo sound delay the proper plugin for this kind of effect?

Twin Oak is spot on…this plug-in will exactly the job you want it for.

The Voxengo interface is a typically “scientific”, so let me save you a little time. There are two sets of delay controls. The top one sets the delay in milliseconds and the bottom sets delay in samples. Changing the delay time in one parameter does not update the values in the other…so adjusting both is cumulative. Pick the one that makes sense to you and use that to start.

You have a choice of delaying either channel. The Group buttons on the bottom choose which channel you will delay. Group A = Left and Group B = Right. You have more options…but for what you want to do, the default preset should work fine.

Go here for the VST version:


Thank you very much. :smiley: