VST AmbiConverter

Hi folks,

Maybe I’m being stupid but I can’t get VST AmbiConverter to detect the correct order. How is it supposed to be used? I’ve inserted multiple metering plugins and they all show activity on the 16 active channels, VST AmbiDecoder sees it as 3rd order, and the file is tagged 3rd order upon import. I think I’ve set up my control room and all correctly, but AmbiConverter won’t move away from 1st order. At first it shows activity on all channels, but then when I reopen the plugin window I only see 4, 1st order. Is there something to how it sees channel numbering? I did RTFM but there’s nothing there.

I’ve used several 3rd order ACN SN3D as well as Fuma files, created files from scratch too but it just doesn’t matter. Does anyone have any idea please? If it is working on your side, could you please share a file with instructions on how you’re getting it to work, appreciated.

Thank you!

I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re describing: where is the AmbiConverter inserted and what do you expect it to do?

I’m trying to use it as an insert on a 3rd order track to convert its format (I know that Cubendo only processes Ambix though). The issue is that AmbiConverter doesn’t detect the correct order of the track or output it is inserted on. It always gives me 1, I’m sure I’m using it wrong but the manual doesn’t explain much. Everything else I throw at it (including the Mixconsole AmbiDecoder) detect the order right.

OK, so the audio feeding the AmbiConverter is 3rd order FuMa and you want 3rd order ambiX to use further down in Nuendo?

Yes, with audio or not isn’t it supposed to get the order from the bus itself (defined as O3A)? And I can’t use the Waves converter since it’s 1st order only.

OK, Nuendo’s VST AmbiConverter looks like it’s broken. Try Matthias Kronlachner’s ambix_converter_o3.

Thank you for the verification. I kept thinking that there was something wrong with my audio channel numbering or routing… but it turns out that the VST itself is broken. I will report the bug shortly.

And yes I’m already using Kronlachner’s plugins.