VST Amp Rack Bug

Dear Cubase community and Steinberg

This is a repost/link to my post over in the issues forum, which unfortunately got very few views and no feedback. I hope it’s ok here (thanks mods!), to reach more Cubase users.

Summary: In VST Amp Rack, I cannot move pedals (Cubase 10.0.50), despite the movement indicators appearing. Does anybody of you have this issue?


Thanks to anybody for briefly checking :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Same bug also present in VST Bass Amp.

Confirmed and entered into our bug base.


Hi JeeTee & andreasm

Thank you for your efforts to check and also for the official confirmation, highly appreciated,

Kind regards

Can we have an ETA for a fix please? It’s highly annoying.

Can’t name an exact date, but it’s part of the next update.


Hi everyone,

This issue has been fixed in 10.0.60 Maintenance Update.

Thank you Andreas & Steinberg!