VST Amp rack - Cabinets selection seems to be not invoked in plugin under VSTLive

Hi VST Live users! Could anyone try and write a feedback about if:

  • loading VST Amp rack to VST Live
  • changing Cabinets
    is there any change? Tested VST Amp’s cabinet change running Cubase on the same computer, working ok. Running it with VST Live, I can’t hear the cabinet characteristic is being involved in signal chain within the plugin.
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… yes, indeed. There’s something wrong. We are on it.



Hi @Spork !
Thank you for checking and for your feedback, then it isn’t a local-only problem on my setup.


Dear @Spork ,

Just to tried again by looking a new sound for a song/part. It seems the issue is still persist booth on Win11 and OSX. Amp Rack plugin is working, but Cabinet modelling isn’t involved regardless of the model I’m selecting.

It appear it’s happening in my end as well, no cabinets on VST Amp Rack

Same problem here, and not only the cabinet, but also the microphone simulation doesn’t work, as far as I’m concerned