VST Amp Rack, Control Wha with Expression Pedal?


In the VST Amp Rack, I’d like to control the wha wha with an expression pedal, is that possible? I’m able to write automation to control the movement of the wha pedal inside Cubase, but I’d rather record the motions with my expression pedal. I don’t see any midi learn functions for the wha wha or volume pedals in the VST Amp rack. There must be a way to do this? No?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Stephen, you can use the track QuickControls. You can find the tab in the Inspector; there you have to select in one slot the parameter you want to control. Then you have to assign that slot of the QC to a MIDI CC (in Studio > Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls). You can find more information in the manual.

Quick controls…!?

Of course – :blush:

Thank you. Brain freeze.

You’re welcome!

Take a look here: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_artist/v10/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/track_quick_controls/track_quick_controls_c.html

Very handy!

Yes, i know Quick controls, which is why i posted that for the OP

This worked out fine with the Amp Rack as an insert on the channel, however, the Amp Rack was being used on an FX Channel Track and I wasn’t able to work out how to assign a QC to the Wha Peddle with that configuration. (Also noticed that “Load Preset” is missing from the Inspector for Quick controls, Separate post needed about that).

It´s the same here for Fx channel tracks. in the end, the Amp rack is nother different than an insert FX also - just in an Fx channel instead of an audio channel.