vst amp rack guitar tuner

How good is the tuner in vst amp rack? I do not have the best ear for these things but I think it is a bit sharp. Can anyone confirm this? Or, am I worried needlessly. Should I use a specialised tuner?


No idea, but you can easily test it yourself. Put the TestGenerator plug-in on an insert before the tuner and use it to generate specific test-tones. Or alternatively use a VSTi to send it pitches.

I compared it to my Snark, my TU-3, my Polytune 3, and the tuner in Guitar Rig and they are all identical within a cent or two depending on how hard you pluck the string. I will say that the tuner in the VST Amp Rack is much more “Jumpy” than the others.
If it sounds sharp to you, have you checked the reference set to 440?

I didn’t even know Amp Rack had a tuner. But the tuner plug-in in Cubase was way too jumpy for me and I ended up getting one elsewhere that was less jumpy. Good chance the 2 are really the same tuner.

Thank you for your replies. The tuner in amp rack is “jumpy”; I have a cheap Korg that seems to be better. I will now buy a decent tuner.


Don’t buy one, try Melda Mtuner instead, free also. There are decent tuners out there for free including strobosoft (android app) free.

I use a little free plugin called Gtune, it’s more stable.

If another opinion matters…

The Cubase basic tuner works great, is very stable, etc. I tend to use it as a plug in on the input. Eliminates a lot of the fussiness And instabilities tuners can be susceptible to. Once your material is tracked you won’t need to retune your source, so deactivate it and forget it.

Yes, this is what I use too.

This is the one I found too jumpy.

The cubase Tuner on its own works great!

The Tuners in Amp Rack / Bass Rack are jumpy and nearly useless. With my Bass i have to play a G on the low string for it to even recognize. Is it a bug or a feature? :wink: