VST Amp Rack Preset Attributes

The VST Amp Rack presets don’t appear to have any attributes associated with them. That makes it difficult for someone who is not a guitarist or a bassist to figure out what a suitable amp/speaker rig would be for a project. I need to find a good rig for an electric bass.

Well that narrows it down to a few million options… I’m not sure what the post size limit is.

Which is part of my point. Without any attributes all I have are preset names, most of which look like guitar rig presets. Since I’m not a bass player, this fancy plug-in is not very useful to me.

It usually helps if you offer some reference point like a band, and/or bass player and/or genre that might help determine what the gear they used might be. If you look at a gear list for an RL player you like, it might help you figure out what the pieces parts are. The plugin names typically steal the look of the actual parts they are emulating. The patch names are usually play on famous people name/patches/songs. Although, they seldom sound anything like that person or the gear they are supposed to be modeled on.

I had this problem once so I just got on the net and did a bit of study of amps etc. plus using what you learn when working with bass players and guitarists. Generally I might ring one up and ask what they use for what jobs which is even quicker.