VST Amp Rack producing no “effects” or tones

You have direct monitoring at the Big Knob to “Input”.
You will have to turn it to “Cue” to hear the DAW.


As Martin said, please remove that image with your elicenser number, just incase ^

In your audio outputs you have [VSL OUT] showing on Stereo Out 1. VSL is related to a feature called VST System Link, and to avoid confusion it may be worth disabling this. (If you’re not aware of the feature or making use of it, of course).

In Studio Setup, go to the bottom entry ‘VST System Link’ and ensure ins and outs are unselected, i.e :

I don’t think this is related to your problem, however. But worth doing, as it may lead to you only hearing one channel in future if they become exclusive outs.

I can’t get my head around whether you can hear what’s coming out of the DAW or not, and whether you are definitely hearing a guitar signal post DAW or pre DAW - these are two very important factors to know so do what you can to ensure those basic elements are working.

i.e. if you put a delay on those inserts, do you hear that delaying the guitar signal?

Martin is very experienced in helping people here, and it seems like Dirx knows the hardware you have - so will leave you in their capable hands as too many voices will be more confusing for you, best of luck!

Resolved! thanks all! Dirx nailed it. Big Knob direct monitoring set to inputs. Turned the knob to Cue and set headphones button (2 Track/Cue) to Cue and I can hear all effects. Thanks everyone!