VST Amp Rack producing no “effects” or tones

Hey all. I can’t get VST Amp Rack to produce any sounds. I have direct monitoring disabled. I have the tracks monitor button enabled. I’m getting guitar signal in, but no “effects” or amp sim works. Using Cubase 11 AI Elements with Mackie Big Knob Studio. Thanks for any advice

Your track is muted (?)

Good eye! But it’s not usually muted. I just hit mute while experimenting. Thank you though!

Is there audio data on the track?

Does audio play when there’s no plugin inserted?

I have a dry signal with sound from my guitar. Nothing is recorded yet. Shouldn’t I be able to hear the plug-in effect (amp distortion/reverb, etc.) before anything is recorded?

ok, then the question is: can you hear your guitar straight through to your speakers when there’s no plugin in the insert chain?

Also…I can record the dry audio and play it back.

Nico5-yes I can. I hear the clean, dry signal perfectly.

ok - so that would imply that the signal isn’t making it through the plugin - so can you open the plugin, and post a screen capture of that?

Make your track mono since a guitar is a mono instrument by default. Usually Analog in 1 is “left” and Analog in 2 is “right”. Depending what input you use on your soundcard that input must also be choosen on the track input in Cubase. Then monitor the track in Cubase and you should get the AMP sound. If you only are getting the clean sound then its a setting in your soundcard “Direct Monitoring is on in the soundcard”. When it works you record the guitar 2 times on 2 different tracks. Never copy and paste 1 take of the guitar to the other track. Record it 2 times then pan em left/right and you have a stereo wide guitar.


Is there any Gate involved in the VST Amp Rack plug-in?

What is your license for - is it Elements, LE or AI? Because Amp Rack is part of Elements up only.

Wondering if it’s possible that you’re running AI license, and Amp Rack is showing up but disabled… (Is that even possible? lol)

What happens if you put a ONLY a basic delay plugin on the inserts? Does that work on your dry signal? i.e. is everything else working fine?

Sorry, but I don’t know how experienced you are.
But, As you have direct monitoring disabled in Studio Setup, this means that you should only hear your guitar signal when the track is monitored - is that what is happening?

If you can still hear your guitar when the yellow monitor button is disabled then you are direct monitoring and this could be confusing you, The scenario then would be that your outputs are not setup in Cubase correctly (Check audio connections in studio menu).

When I turn up the amp model gain it will cause feedback in my headphones, but no actual tone from the guitar. This is my interface setup…I’ve tried having the 1/2 button on and off. Same result.

No pre-effects at all.

License is for elements. I just purchased Artist 11, waiting on the USB key to install, so maybe that will resolve it. No effects work in the amp sim plug-in. Just always a dry signal. It’s odd that turning up the amp gain causes a feedback in my ears, but no actual guitar tone.

Does this look correct? Not much else to choose!


Please, blur the Soft-eLicenser Number. You should share this number publicly.


Can you see the signal on the Input Channel, please?