VST Amp Rack Questions

I’m still running C7. Haven’t upgraded to C7.5 yet but plan to before the end of he month. My questions are about the VST Amp Rack. I’ve watched some YouTube videos, and done a search here on the forums and can’t find any answers. I have guitar parts recorded already. I add an insert effect and choose distortion, then choose VST Amp Rack. No problems up to that point. If I choose an amplifier, I can hear a difference in teh signal as I can also hear differences when I change cabinets. However, when I try to choose a pre or post effect, it only shows an empty pedal with No Effect written on it. No matter where I click I cannot get the arrow that turns into a plus sign that I see in the videos that allow me to choose an effect pedal. Am I doing something wrong here? I don’t understand why it’s not working. The configuration tab says something about a mono source. The existing guitar tracks were recorded in mono. Should I have recorded them in stereo? I know it’s probably something simple and I’m hoping someone here can guide me.

For what it’s worth, the guitar parts were recorded in mono from a Line 6 Variax guitar running through a Line 6 POD X3 Live and into my UR22 interface. I really don’t care about changing the guitar tracks. I am just trying to figure out how to use the VST Amp Rack so that any guitar player could bring their own guitar in and we could set up the Amp Rack to suit the song and it would store it with the project. I haven’t dug into the POD manual far enough to figure out quite how to do that yet. My current process is saving the configuration in the POD and writing down a note as to which program we stored it in. Kind of old fashioned, but usable.

As always, thanks in advance for listening and for any pointers or suggestions.

Click on the empty Pedal and load your first pre FX, after that you get the plus sign to add a second FX

I appreciate the response. I’ve tried that. I get nothing but a blank drop down menu.

Then there seems to be something wrong with your installation. Re-install?

Do you mean reinstall Cubase? Or just reinstall something specific? If I’m going to upgrade to 7.5 here in a few weeks, I’m thinking about waiting and see if the installation of the upgrade takes care of my problem. Thanks for the advice. If anyone else has any other suggestions I’d appreciate them.