VST Amp Rack vs IK Multimedia Amplitude

Anyone familiar with IK Multimedia Amplitude? I’m curious to how it compares to VST Amp Rack. Which one do you prefer and why? Which features make each one stand out?

I wouldn’t mind hearing answers on this too.

I’ve used Amp Rack a bit lately, it’s pretty good. It seems to get a little bit gritty at very low levels, but not to the point of being a problem.

Own Amplitube, Guitar Rig, ReValver, and of course VST Amp Rack.

Have mostly been a big fan of Amplitube.
To me the sound is more complex, dynamic, and layered, More like what I hear from an actual amp.
Also been leaning towards some, but not all, of the amps in Revalver (Vox, some of the Peavey models).

On the other hand - we’re talking about sounding like a real amp.
Sometimes something that - by itself - doesn’t sound quite realistic may be just what is needed for a certain part. Or when it’s sitting in the mix.

So, I guess, one size doesn’t fit all.
Try different things and see what works.

In the “:Emulation” world in general, I’m MUCH more into what WORKS than what imitates perfectly.


There was a thread several months ago, use search and read on!

Aloha guys,

Just to chime in…

As an engineer, to my ears they both sound very good and will ‘sit’ nicely in the track.

But as a guitarist, (and as Hugh pointed out) Amplitude also ‘feels’ good in yer hand
(like a real amp does).

Good Luck!

Sorry for being the party pooper, but both sound very poor indeed. S-Gear has them both beat, especially when used with RedWirez IRS. Amplitude has no feel and the rack is, well, very one dimensional. The main problem with S-Gear is that the amps are nor emulations as such, but I have found that they allow you to find something of yourself. The brilliant thing is that they do an unrestricted two week demo and it is cheap. What’s not to like?

For my money Guitar Rig is rubbish unless you want an efx plugin. ReValver is very good if you are prepared to work at it. Bias is ok-ish. TH2, well I have struggled with this one.

Most amp sims fall down on the speaker emulations. UAD have been particularly guilty of that with the Brainworks Amps. I have ended up mixing and matching. Amplitude Dr Z with RedWirez mixIR + Soneq and possibly a compressor.

Thanks! Found some great post doing that!

I should mention that I’m considering amplitude because it’s on sale for 50% off and I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale to pick it up for a while now. The problem is that was before I switched DAWs going from fl studio without a amp suite to cubase pro 8 that comes with one.

+1 for Scuffham S-Gear.

Unbelievable value, first class support (I got a response on Christmas Day last year!) and constantly being tweaked, added to and generally improved. If you are going to buy a software amp then you really should at least try S-Gear.


Michael Scuffham is a really helpful person, who knows his software and what guitarists are looking for.