VST Amp Rack won't always load - crashed Cubase

I have upgraded from C5.5 and I am trying to update a project which was first created in C5.5.

I have two mono guitar parts and I am trying to load VST Amp Rack as the first insert effect within the main audio channels settings on each track.

The results appear to be random, between the following three screnarios:

  1. Sometimes I select the pluging from the drop down list, but nothing happens.
  2. Sometimes I select the plugin from the drop down list and Cubase crashes with an error message (see uploaded dump file).
  3. Very rarely it will correctly load the plugin.

The error signature is:

AppName: cubase6.exe AppVer: ModName: cubase6.exe
ModVer: Offset: 01004114

I have attached the dump and the file named 2de1_appcompat.txt which was created at the same time.

Creating a brand new project in Cubase 6 and inserting the same plugin in the same way on a single audio track works correctly every time, so this looks like it may be a C5.5 project compatibility issue.

I tried searching the rest of the forum for the same issue and saw it mentioned on one thread, but that doesn’t appear to have been concluded.

2de1_appcompat.txt (13.9 KB)
Cubase6.LOG (12.1 KB)

Further to my original post, I have experienced similar problems with other plugins, including linmb stereo as an insert on the main outputs and maxbass on a mono bass track.

Hi Tr3nity keys ,

your logfile gives me a slight hint, where the crash might have occured. I am going to have a deeper look at it.

Frankly I am not expecting to find anything unusual there, 'cause, as you already said, there haven’t been any reports about such an issue so far.

Is it possible for you to send an email to our support with the attached Cubase 5.5 project file ?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will send the project file to you this evening - I am at work and do not have access to my music PC here.

Two other thoughts that came to mind:

  1. I am running on Windows XP.
  2. During installation a few weeks ago, the PC had difficulty reading the installation disc. Is it possible that the installation was corrupt? Is there a download version? I would be happy to uninstall and reinstall from a download if that would save you time.



Hi Tr3nity keys

There is some risk in trying to update old projects in to new host, you do know that you can have more than one instance of cubase on your system, in some cases you can have them both running at the same time.

You should leave your cubase 5 on your system and complete your old projects in C 5, mean while you can injoy cubase 6 and start up new projects , this will stop alot of probs and head banging.

Cubase 5 is agreat host and has many good featurs it may not be as good as C 6 but it will be nice to have your old projects safe and sound in C 5 and starting new projects in C 6

this is an easy way out but its full proof.


Hi Novaburst

Yes, I still have Cubase 5.5 on my system. The problem is that I have used Cubase 6 to update this project and have only just started hitting the problems. Going back to 5.5 results in an error message saying that some content is not supported by version 5, but it is unclear what has been carried back and what hasn’t.

Going back to 5.5 would therefore mean I would have to start from an earlier version of the project, something I would be loathed to do at this stage.

Thanks for thr suggestion though.



Just a thought…how much memory shows as being used in task manager when this project is loaded?

Hi Grim

I think you may have something here.

Task manager shows Cubase 6 as using 1,446,052k of RAM with this project loaded and I cannot load up VSP Amp Rack. Unloading Superior Drummer 2 drops the RAM down to about 700 Mbytes and I can then load up VSP Amp Rack and Waves GTR Tool Rack and linmb stereo etc with no problem.

So this looks like either a RAM issue or an incompatbility with Superior Drummer 2.

Creating a brand new project, loading up Superior Drummer 2 and creating an audio track with VSP Amp Rack is fine, but I then try and load Omnisphere and nothing happens. Unload SD2 and Omnisphere loads OK.

Loading up the initial project in Cubase 5.5 uses about the same RAM (1,400,192k) and whilst I can’t try and load GTR Amp Rack because this is for Cubase 6 only, trying to load Waves GTR Tool Rack also fails to load (although it doesn’t see to crash Cubase). Similarly, Omnisphere will not load on this project in C5.5 either.

So, this looks like it is a RAM issue and is not just Cubase 6 related.

My preference would have been for a neat and tidy message from Cubase saying I am trying to use too much RAM, rather than just nothing or a crash. Am I to assume that the only way round this is to go to a 646 bit operating system?

I guess the only thing I can do is freeze the drums as audio, but then you have to make your mix decisions early, which I don’t like doing.

Thanks for the pointer Grim.


1.4Gb is definitely the danger area on a 32bit machine…seems to vary by system as I have seen some people report 1.7 but more often its 1.3 -1.4Gb

On your system you might be able to squeeze a little more with the 3GB switch (google for details)

Not sure if Jbridge on your system would allow more ram…it might do as it gets around the single program limit but I’m not certain on that?

A 64bit o/s even with 32bit Cubase will allow right up to 4Gb as standard or with Jbridge or using 64bit Cubase as much as you like (or as much as you have)

Grim, you’re a genius.

I set up an optional boot with the /3GB switch and everything works perfectly. I have been able to take the original project and load multiple versions of plugins and VST instruments, using far more RAM than the problematic 1.4Gbytes.

Many, many thanks for your help, which has saved me hours of re-work.


Grim, you’re a genius.

You’re clearly a very good judge of character sir :mrgreen:

Glad I could help.