VST and Program Change: issue with Vienna Ensamble

I encountered a serious issue preventing me form using g the full potential of your presets.

I am experienced Cubase and VSL environment user. I mean really experienced.

The situation is I have got massive matrix script loaded inside VE commanded by Program Change messages. It cannot be rescripted for key switches cause the matrix is huge.

But I have just realized Steinberg ceased transmission of MIDI Program Change messages within VST3 protocol. So I cannot command my Vienna Ensemble via Program Change through VST3 plugin.

I downgraded plug-in into VST2 facing all limitations of 16 channels etc. But still Cubase does not transmit PC messages to VE via VST2 plugin. In fact Cubase does transmit PC into VE but not record them as MIDI events nor indicate them within MIDI monitor at all as well!

So yes, It’s funny cause I can change matrix inside VE using PC remotely but in the same time I cannot record this PC message as MIDI event! I can record PC if the track is not connected to VST plugin at all. I can read them and select this way programs in hardware MIDI gear.

So: Cubase does not registered PC messages as MIDI events if the MIDI track is connected with VST of Vienna Ensemble.

I tried to bypass it as follows: I transformed CC0 into PC and yes, Cubase registered it ans transmit as PC according to MIDI monitor. But VE doesn’t receive these “fake” PC messages at all. What is strange, cause VE do receive true PC messages although they are unregistered by Cubase…

Generally: I need help. Probably you are aware of this situation as well, co please instruct me what is the solution for the problem of taking command of VE by PC messages.




Did it with in the past? When did it change, please?

No. I encountered this problem for the very first time. I wanted to use huge articulation map utilizing program change for shifting between different matrixes in Vienna Instrument within Vienna Ensemble and I realized I couldn’t. Till this time I was using up to 24 key switches to address these kind of shifts.