VST Arpeggiator to MIDI?

I have many VST, and many of them have cool arp presets… is it possible to record arp signal and convert it to MIDI notes? I know it possible to use Melodyne and analysing signal, but it makes many mistakes… Any suggestion?

p.s. i know Ableton Live have this function.

Other DAW:

Create a 1-bar MIDI loop on the Sylenth1 track with a single C2 note in it. Create a new audio track, set its input to Resample, and arm it for recording. Solo the Sylenth1 track with the play position at the start of the loop. Press Record on the transport and the bar will play and simultaneously record on the audio track.

Now, right-click the audio track and select the option called something like Convert to MIDI Melody. A new track will be created with the MIDI pattern and a default instrument.

If your vst has MIDI out, then it should appear in tracks MIDI in drop down menu

can you show example, screenshot?

Create two tracks, one the source vst(i.e. Kontakt), two the destination(Padshop). 1. Track: Select your midi keyboard as midi input for track and midi output Kontakt. Now on 2. track (Padshop): select Kontakt as midi input and Padshop as midi output

What Jari wrote happens if the synth supports MIDI output (to verify, consider any MIDI track and check, at its input, if the synth’s MIDI out is available).
If not, you can do the similar function that you report from Ableton with a little work, by engaging VariAudio and its Extract MIDI from Audio function (in Cubase Pro, where VariAudio is).

I remember when cubase use to have an arpeggiator. They should bring it back as it was a great feature

I’m not sure I completely understand the question, however,

  1. If you want to create a midi part that contains the notes generated by an arpeggiator, try Merge Midi in Loop.

  2. If you want an Audio track that contains the arpeggio-ed part, try Render In Place.

Steinberg’s VST arpeggiator as featured in Flux, Retrologue II and other instruments is an advanced excellent arp system. Groove Agent SE, Beat Designer, and even Step Designer all provide great arp. features, and, of course, there’s the two included traditional Cubase MIDI Plug-ins, arpache and the SX version.

All of which work with Merge Midi In Loop and/or Render In Place.


Been using this technique for extracting midi arpeggio patterns from VSTs in Cubase ever since Variaudio came out. Works great!

(Note: make sure you turn off any delays from the VST before bouncing/rendering in place)

Since instrument tracks do not have MIDI send, you can create a Rack Instrument and then use the MIDI Send to talk to other VST instruments.

You know I didn’t realise that cubase had midi plugins!! Well I did but totally forgot. Looking forward to using the feature now. Had a quick go and they work great and very flexible. Thanks for the memory jolt :grin:

When you use Kirnu Cream as your arpeggiator, all the arp notes will be recorded as midi notes.

Set up :

1 Kirnu instrument track, 1 synth instrument track
Choose Kirnu as input for the synth track
open both Kirnu and the synth
Monitor “on” on Kirnu track
Record enable on synth track

Now all separate arp notes (up to 1/64 th !) are recorded as separate MIDI notes.

Kirnu is a very versatile arp, but not easy.

Step Designer in Cubase.

sylenth1 doesnt have, if anyone knows a workaraound to add an output it would be helpful

Tried with Element VST, and Sylenth1 inside… this doesnt work… any other suggestion for a rack?

Sylenth1 just doesn’t send the MIDI data out so there’s no way to capture it.

Your only option is to export to audio and then use variaudio to extract the MIDI to a new track, which is a really mess around really.

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Thanks, I’ve tried that in the past but it’s not very accurate, what I’ve noticed is that it can be a bit more accurate using audios in mono… but I thought there was some option to trick the midi out of sylenth1 by mounting it in some plugin that does have the output like Element or other… however with element at least, I had no success…