VST audio effect shows activity before there is visible and audible activity on the track

Context: N13 / Dolby Atmos audio mixing.

Problem: I’m noticing that VST effect plug-ins inserted on an audio track react before the audio signal itself (and its waveform), i.e. upstream of the activity. For example, an analyzer or plugin with analyzer like Fabfilter Pro Q3 (VST 3) shows activity before there is visible and audible activity on the track. The upstream delay is more or less 60 ms, i.e. the latency indicated on the track in the Mixconsole. The track’s native internal analyzer (EQ) doesn’t have this problem (the sound heard and the waveform is synchronous with the analysis reaction).

It seems as if the latency is adjusted by Nuendo with regard to the track, but not with regard to the inserts (as if they were reacting to the actual activity without latency compensation. If I force the delay compensation, for simple testing, everything is synchronous (but you can hear the echo and anyway it’s not a non-recording solution).

Perhaps I’m missing a technical point. I need to correct this problem to work properly and anyway it’s worrying for rendering quality, if inserts and track activity are out of sync.

p.s. Multiprocessing and ASIO-Gard (normal) are enabled.

Thanks for your help.

Update. Update. After several tests, I can see that it may be the LiquidSonics (Cinematic Rooms) reverbs that are creating this. I’ll have to check that out.

After much research, and a reply from Liquidsonic technical support, the problem was that two instances out of 4 had the Reduced CPU mode option activated, which is not recommended.