VST Audio Engine and Dorico crash with Glory Days Library

Hello everybody.
I have a problem with Glory Days. I transcribed a song and imported every Glory Days instrument. I have prepared the expression maps for each instrument and everything works great.
I close the file, reopen it and the VST Audio Engine already hangs on the second instrument. Obviously Dorico also crashes and I have to force the exit.
So I tried to insert one tool at a time and save: same problem.
I have a 16 ‘’ MacBookPro and 32G of Ram.

I noticed that the Dorico file with only one Glory Days instrument loaded is already 18 Mb … With all instruments 168.4 Mb.
All other applications are closed and, looking at Activity Monitor, the total amount of RAM used is 20 out of 32 GB.

I reiterate that when I prepared the song with all the expression maps, the song sounded perfectly smoothly, but once saved and closed, the song opens but no longer loads the sounds.

I want to clarify that I have no problem with other libraries, for example of strings, even very heavy ones.

Can you help me understand what happens? thank you!

Is the audio engine crashing or not responding? If crashing, then please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ from the Dorico menu and attach the corresponding zip file here. If not responding, go to Activity Monitor , create a spindump while the audio engine is hanging and attach the spin dump here. Thanks
Edit: Well, please create the diagnostics in any case and attach here.

Hi Ulf,
I can’t load the Dorico Diagnostics file, it tells me it’s too big (4.5 MB).
Here is the Spindump:
Spindump.txt.zip (287.2 KB)
Thank you so much!

Please send the diagnostics to `u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de´. Thanks

Sorry Ulf, i don’t understand where to send the file…

hi sent you in Support!

Hi FilDA, I had closer look at the spin dump and it looks like Kontakt’s problem, because Kontakt is blocking the VSTAudioEngine’s main thread. Consequently the rest of Dorico also becomes unstable (unresponsive), because it can’t communicate with the audio engine anymore.

So please take the spin dump and get in contact with Native Instruments and see what they have to say about this.

OK thanks! Now I’m doing it.
I don’t know if it can be useful, but if I save the Dorico file without loading the sounds and then reopen it, manually loading every single instrument, Dorico works fine.
The problem is that it doesn’t load them by itself when opening the project, but I have to do it manually.
Anyway thanks!

Could be that Kontakt is choking on the data blob.
On saving a project Dorico asks all the plug-ins for their internal data and stores that as an unknown block in it’s own project. On loading the project again, that very same data block gets sent back to the plug-in. Maybe Kontakt is having trouble restoring that data, I guess.

However I made a (useless!) Madness: I exported the song in xml and opened it in Sibelius. I have opened all the Kontakt instances and prepared all channels for the individual articulations of each instrument (pure madness !!). On the other hand, I open and close the Sibelius file without any problem. The 13 Kontakt instances (exactly the same ones I ask to open in Dorico) load perfectly. Sure, the song sounds 20% of what it does in Dorico !! Sounds really bad!

In addition to the Kontakt problem, as you have pointed out, I believe there is certainly a communication problem between Dorico and Kontakt when each instance is very heavy, with all the articles prepared.
It would be nice if one day this could happen, just to avoid taking risks for the next few times.
In any case, thanks Ulf!