VST audio out into another vst audio input

Hi guys,

I wish to redirect the audio output of Arturia B3 VST into Arturia Arp 2600 VST to filter the original Organ Signal.
Is it possible and how?

Thank you


That would depend on the used soft- and hardware.

I use Cubase Elements 8.5 Arturia V3 VST Win10 64 bit

Route the sound out of your soundcard and either via software or hardware loopback back into Cubase.

It’s just what I want, but I don’t know how To do it

I wish to do it via software, insidie Cubase

Anyone suggest a solution?

You can’ t do that inside Cubase with your version. If at all, you have to do it via your soundcard.

Thank you Svennilenni,

but how to do it?