VST Audio System driver


I’m using A1 4, version 4.5.2

In the Device Setup, in the VST Audio System box, I want to change from the “ASIO full duplex driver” to the “Edirol UA-25EX”, wich I have been using for some time, and it has function very well.
But now it is no longer an option in the Device Setup box.

I have chosen the “Edirol UA-25EX” in the “Control panel” and in the “VST System link” and they are all indicated as “active”.

Why does not the “Edirol UA-25EX” sound card show up in the VST Audio System box ?


Dell Studio 1535
Windows Vista home premium

Try re-installing the driver and then starting Cubase.

I’ve already done so, but it didn’t change anything.

Why select it in VST System Link?

In the Device Setup -> VST Audio System I have always selected the Edirol UA-25EX driver and it has function very well.

Now it does not function, and I think the reason is that the wrong driver is selected there.


You said;

Shouldn’t be chosen there, could be the issue.

In the VST System Link there is only two options: “Edirole” or “Not connected”, and the Edirol has always been selected.
So I do not think this is the issue.

My question is: Why is it no longer possible to select the Edirol in the Device setup /VST Audio System box

With device setup box" You mean the “ASIO driver” box in VST audio system?

Which “control panel” I don´t think I´ve ever seen a “control panel” in Cubase… (Apart from the button to open the soundcard control panel)

What at all does show up?

  1. Yeas I mean the ASIO Driver box.

  2. Directly underneath the text “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver”, at the top of the Device Setup, there is a button
    called “Controle panel”.

  3. In the “VST Audio System box” there are two options: “No Driver” or “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver”.

Previously also the “Edirol UA-25EX” was an option in this box.

(The strange thing is that Edirol is an option and is selected in all the other “boxes”: in the “Audio system”, the “System link” etc)

Cubase function, and I can modifye the volume etc on the Edirol hardware, but the problem is that the sound cracks.
There is obviously a lack of power because if I close down effects in the project, like reverb etc, the problem almost stops.

(At first I thought it was the laptop battery that was to weak, but after changing to a new battery the problem remained)

The question is thus: How do I do to make it possible to select the Edirol UA-25EX in the “ASIO Driver” box ?

Thanks for all answers.

The problem is solved.

The physical button on the sound card was in Off position :wink: