VST Audio System set up help needed for UA-25

Hi All,

I just upgraded to Cubase Elements 7 from 4, and am having ridiculous issues setting up my Edirol UA-25 interface.

I can’t get any mic input signal from Input1/L, and it doesn’t seem to matter what settings I use in the VST Connections or the System Link settings. Also, when I run a test signal in the VST System window, it seems nothing is being received.

I opened a couple of files from the Cubase 4 recordings I made before, and initially they opened and the problem seemed to have been solved: vocal mic in the Input 1/L was working, and the acoustic guitar I had going into Input 2/R was also working. Recorded a bit of stuff, then saved the file, and the left input just stopped. No signal in.

Anyone out there who can help me out?