VST Audio System switching drivers

Hi All - I am running Cubase 7.5.30 on a Mac with OSX Mavericks 10.9.5, an an Alesis IO2 audio interface, which I use for input and headphone monitoring. Since I allowed the MacOSX upgrade to occur (to 10.9.5 from 10.9.4), I have been having a problem that Cubase keeps forcing a switch under >Devices Setup of swithching between my io2 ASIO driver and the Built In Audio system. Obviously this is very annoying when I am trying to monitor on headphones, and the frequency (every couple of minutes, without warning) is annoying. Has anyone else encountered this issue please, and if so, are there any suggestion to mitigate it please. I should add that I have been using the various up to date CuBase versions on a Mac for five or six years without ever having seen this problem before. I have obviously looked to see whether there is a 10.9.5 driver upgrade for the Alesis interface - there isn’t ! Many thanks for any help/advice.