VST Bass Amp Error

Working in N7.3. Just tried using the VST Bass Amp for the very first time. I got this error message when I loaded into insert 2 of my channel and again when I picked the very first preset.

The file isn’t missing. I didn’t have any trouble finding it.

So, why can’t the VST Bass Amp See it?

How do I correct this? How do I point the plug to the resource it’s lacking?

When I closed out of Nuendo, I got this error message just before it crashed.
Nuendo 7.3 VST Bridge Error Message.jpg
I’m guessing that’s related. :frowning:

Anybody? :unamused:

This to me sounds like ;

  1. the install of Additional Contents didn’t install properly ( or at all) or…
  2. some 32 bit vs. 64 bit issue ( an older 32 b plugin for the same ? )

but hey, just cheer up Fredo or some one will help you resole it :slight_smile:

Fine with me, WHEN?!!?

Dear Keyplayer,

Please run the maintenance in the eLicenser Control Center. This is very likely to fix the issue.


Sadly, no. I just tried your suggestion and it didn’t make any change.

Okay, I got it. I had to un-install Reverence (01 & 02) and the VST Bass Amp content and then re-install them. Then I had to re-start the PC to have the re-install to kick in. But it’s working now. Thanks! :wink: