Vst Bit Bridge vs jBridge

The greatest disadvantage with the VSTBridge is that it still refuses to work with a lot of plugins. Especially with VSTis jBridge is quite often the better choice, no, the only one. VSTBridge will just fail to work with many of them.

When N5 came out, about 80% of all 32-bit plugins that I have installed wouldn’t work. It was getting better and better with each update, and now with 5.5 I would estimate that 80% would actually work with the VSTBridge, and the rest has to be jBridged. For example, all UAD plugins (which are still 32 bit) now work fine with the VSTBridge. And I cannot see a difference in terms of CPU usage between the two bridges, so I have them directly connected to Nuendo.

What do you want to know exactly? Which plugins ?

PS.: I find it disgusting that the VSTBridge works so bad that ONE (obviously very smart) programmer managed to write a wrapper that outperforms it still; but what I find far more disgusting is that quite a lot of developers haven’t yet taken the 64-bit road. I know that the whole code has to be re-written, but who needs 32bits ???

Recover well !

There have been some definite improvements in the bridging environment with the advent of N5.5. I loaded both the 32 and 64 bit versions in WIn 7/64 SP1 and have made one significant discovery, my UAD-1 plugs work great now with the Steinberg Bridge in N5.5/64, and I have not experienced any additional CPU hit when comparing the two versions of Nuendo with identical projects. I found that Groove Agent 3 still works best with JBridge, this primarily because it makes the MIDI recording capability available which the Steinberg bridge fails to do.
Also, as mentioned in another thread, the video engine is CPU friendly no matter if you are using the on screen or, in my case, an Intensity Pro for output.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the 2 is that whilst the VST BitBridge will not open up 32-bit plugins for offline processing, JBridge will.

Today I’ve done it.
I switch to Win7 64 Bit. All run fine, but now, I have much more gray hairs :wink:
UAD Plugs run over VST Bridge, others over JBridge. Only Wizooverb2, don’t get a authorization-file from Wizoo HP. Think, I loos this (my best Reverb-) plugin. I hate Digidesign for this step :imp:
Use anyone Sir2? Is is comparable to Wizooverb in sound? Sir2 have a 64bit version at least.
(Reverence is nice, but there not enough Impulses for music style, only for post)

You are aware that you can load your own impulses in ReVerence!?


No, I’m not aware of this fact. I have tons of impulses, but Wizooverb had the advantage, separate impulses was in “thru stereo”. So my impulses are “only” in stereo. It’s Voodoo maybe, but I think it sounds better :wink:
Christian Knufinke from SIR was one of the developer of Wizooverb (if I’m not mistaken), so I think, that SIR is true stereo also. I must read the plugin manual from reverence and google a little bit …

Can’t you use the Wizoo impulses?
Because ReVerence supports True Stereo.

They must be in a 4 channel interleaved file.
Channel order:
LL - LR - RL - RR.

The 4 channel file will be interpreted as true stereo only if Reverence is inserted in a stereo channel. If it is in a 4 channel channel, it will think it’s quadro.


Thanks, thanks, thanks Fredo!

Your tip to use the impulses from Wizooverb in Reverence had animated me to install this Plugin again.
Then I try the last time to authorize it and PENG … got my File from Server!
Have try it last night min. five times without success and now, all my Projects open without a lost Plugin!

Fredo, you are the best!

Best thread since the SpaceBar thread! :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same questions in mind… I am Win7 64bit but Cubendo 32bit, recently I had big problems with a big project crashing because of memory errors - it was above 3,5GB RAM… I feel the need for 64bit host, but I am most of the time plugin-heavy user, UAD, Waves… in a 300 track project there will be quite some at all, I feel bad to bridge them all.

So - it is possible to use jBridge to have a 32bit host but use some 64bit VSTis in an “external way”? This would help a lot because usually a audio-only project, even a very big one, is well below those 3,5GB.

@ Bredo

Very good post, as always! I wish you all the best, maybe I have some more time in autumn as well, let us turn this very forum into a more crowded place again :slight_smile:

If you are ever in southern Germany, please make sure to visit Brandy’s place :slight_smile:

@ Fredo: Excelent! Thanks a lot, I never checked out REVerence - I just had no time and I am using SIR2 all the time. I have zillions of IRs, a lot of them in true stereo…


Here’s a little story.
We are working on a big movie project where part of the story is taking plaec in a basement.
We tried all kinds of reverbs and impulses, but nothing seemed to cut it.

When we were at that location for recording specific stuff, we also recorded a handclap, to be used as an impulse.
We clapped out hands together as loud as we could and remainded silent for a few seconds.

Back in the studio, we loaded that impulse into ReVerence, and tadaaaaa there was our space. Just like we wanted it.


Does REVerence remove the clap automatically or do you have to edit the IR first?

I only used sweeps till now, but for guitar cabinets … using that Voxengo Deconvolver thing…