VST Bridge

How do I use vst bridge in nuendo 7 ? I have tried jbridge but vallhalla freqecho is crashing it

You know, in all the years that I’ve been using Nuendo and Cubase I have never been able to utilize the supposedly included VST Bridge. JBridge is the only thing that has ever functioned properly, and still does, allowing me problem free use of Instruments like Groove Agent 3, Virtual Bassist, Virtual Guitarist 2, and myriad other VST instruments collected since the days of Win XP. This, all in Cubase 10.5 and Nuendo 10.3 in the latest Windows 10 Pro 1909. Would love to be clued in as to the secret of VST Bridge by anyone that has been able to make it work.

I use jbridge in cubase, works really really well

I sussed it out. Jbridge wasnt the problem - I had two 32bit versions of valhalla with the same name but different sizes!