VST bridge??

I received yet another error message “VST bridge failed”. When I search the entire users manual (in English) the words “VST bridge” are not used. What’s going on?

Have you tried JBridge? It works very well for me. VST Bridge kept crashing plugins for me which is a shame but JBridge is very cheap!

Here’s a link to JBridge: -



What’s going on?

You are using 32bit plugs in Cubase 64bit and so Cubase is bridging them. It isn’t in the manual as it has no user settings.
Unfortunately one or more of your plugs isn’t stable with the bridge.

If you look in your plugin manager any plugs that are 32bit will have (win32) appended to the VST version. This may help you track down which plug is causing the problem (You could search for win32 in the plugin manager of the project with this problem and see which 32bit plugs are loaded in that project from the instances column.)