VST Bug w/ 2 Monitors Windows - Menu Shows on wrong Monitor

Now that I have given up on HiDpi in Nuendo/Cubase due to the scaling bugs (see my other post), I was forced to buy an old side 1080p monitor.

However, now this bug occurs.

  1. happens when i do not use HiDpi or HiDPI on 4k main monitor
  2. Menus for the plugin show to the far right of the main screen - plugins confirmed Korg, TAL, Slate etc so far

I am about to give up on Nuendo/Cubase running on windows until the resolution/hidpi/scaling support is proper for plugins.

I confirmed Ableton, Bitwig, FL Studio do not have any issues like this. Nor do they have issues scaling non-hidpi plugins decently. Windows users are definitely not able to work proper until these major bugs are fixed.

here are two photos:

I agree with you. Multi-screen in Nuendo is mess. Plugins and windows get resized incorrectly and the transport bar randomly shrinks and can not be placed where it should, not even with re-applying a workspace.

I use different scaling on 3 separate screens, so the problems might be partially related to Windows 10.

Hmm… 4 FullHD monitors here. The same 100% scaling on all of them. Windows 10 1909. Never noticed an unusual issue that differs from others in Windows regarding multi screens. Workspaces work good. What do I do wrong? Or what do I do right? )

What did you do right? 1080P vs 4k, all 4 the same rez/scaling, 100% scaling and no-HiDPI I am assuming! Change any of those variables and you will go mad :blush: :imp: :confused: :angry:

I have 2 4ks and a 1080p I bought specifically for Nuendo - it is so frustrating on my beautiful 4ks!

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