VST Cleanup

Hi there,
I am frequently testing VST’s (FX & Synths), some are on .exe with proper unistall while others are just drag and drop.
After deleting (or uninstall) those unwanted anymore, I still see some of them in the “Add new instrument” or FX inserts.
Is there a way to cleanup these ghosts ?
Thx 4 your help.

Did you delete them in the Cubase plug-in manager?

Yes, on top right of the plugin manager I’ve used the “Remove all unavailable plugins” or something like that, my version is in french :wink:

Assuming these plugs are VST2 and VST3, are all VST versions being deleted? VST2, and VST3? Better yet, do a Windows search to make sure all versions are deleted?

Just to make sure, when you use “Remove all unavailable Plugins” in Plug In Manager then confirm, it does indeed remove them?

Greggybud, you’re right, VST3, VST2, common and other folders created on install, found a lot of stuff still there, I will go deeper in search for these items. I’ve already cleaned the synths, Plugin Mgr did the job, will have a look at FX now.
Thank you