VST configuration seems unnecessarily complicated

Can the Dorico VST configuration just be simple, like this?

  • Load all the plugins from /Dorico/VST2 and /Dorico/VST3
  • Log the result of every VST load attempt to /Dorico/VST.log

If a plugin fails to load, Dorico could log what it knows about the problem. Then the user has some idea that (a) Dorico did try to load the plugin, and (b) something went wrong.

What is the reason for the whitelist? That’s an incredibly tricky and confusing procedure for an end user to be messing with. If a VST 2 plugin doesn’t work, the user can avoid future problems by taking it out of their Dorico VST 2 directory. Having a copy of a tiny VST plugin can’t really be a problem on an audio workstation because our apps always demand massive amounts of storage space–though users can make links if it’s really necessary (even in Windows).

Other audio programs work like this, and there are no general or categorical problems with the approach. It’s simple, people know how to use it, and it works.

We are trying to move towards deprecating support for VST2.x plug-ins, since VST3 is now a mature protocol that offers real benefits in terms of performance, stability, and functionality, but plug-in manufacturers are reluctant to invest the time and effort into re-engineering their plug-ins provided all hosts carry on supporting VST2.x plug-ins.

As a brand new product, we are trying to have as clean a break as possible with the past and strongly push both our customers and the developers of the plug-ins that they provide to our customers to use VST3. As such, Dorico automatically blacklists all VST2.x plug-ins that are not found in the whitelist.

I am very aware of the fact that, in the absence of a VST3 version of a particular plug-in that you want to use, the need to whitelist the VST2.x version explicitly is a hassle. Please let the developers of the plug-ins you are using know that you would appreciate them making available a VST3 version as soon as possible.

Thank goodness EWQL created a VST3 version of their PLAY PlugIn. Thanks guys! I KNEW you would not let us EWQL users down! It is “Play 5.0.2” :slight_smile: Although I must say, HALion is not bad at all! It absolutely beat Sibelius’ sounds by far!