VST Connect 3 - Remote Cue Mix Playback Clipping

I have setup connect pro 3 on a C8 project and have found something that seems problematic. Now, I have not scoured the manual, but this seems it should not be in any case.

In a nutshell, when I create and VST Pro Cue mix sent to the Connect Performer remotely (Actually I am testing over my LAN) all the meters look ok. What I mean specifically is that my Cue mix is not clipping nor are the Performer meters on the remote end, but my test interface is CLIPPING at its output. I can turn down the VST Connect Cue and this fixes the problem, but there is no indication of clipping in the actual control room. Should there be a 1 to 1 correspondence from this meter to the volume of the remote audio interface–my feeling is “yes.” ?

Best, Ted

Oh, the remote equipment is a MOTU 2408 MKIII using the latest ASIO driver. The clipping occurs on the 1&2 analog outputs.

So the clipping occurs in the remote Performer application, correct? Will look into this, thanks for reporting.

Yes, the clipping occurs at the remote side, where you are running the Performer app.

Best, Ted

The Clipping problem is now gone in version 3.01. Thanks Musi.