VST Connect 4.0.42 maintenance update released

Dear forum members,

We have released the 4.0.42 maintenance update for VST Connect Pro/SE and VST Connect Performer.

A detailled Version History as well as the download installers are available from the
Support Download pages or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.


I have CB 10.0.60. When I go to VST Cloud, it says I have VST Connect SE. I have downloaded this 4.0.42 update and it is labeled "VST Connect SE/Pro 4.0.42 but when I go to install it, it says VST Performer. This confuses me because Steinberg’s notes say that this update is not compatible with VST Performer. Can I have your thoughts on this please?


I think the steinberg notes says “not compatible with vst performer” on IOS (ie apple iphone/ipad) - an update is due shortly.

What’s the problem you are having ?
Have you tried installing it ?

Yes, that’s what the note says but when I open the installer, it says VST Performer. I didn’t want to install a Performer update on an SE/Pro program.

Are you using VST connect with an ipad or iphone ? if not then you’re good to go.

Ok, thanks. No ipad or iphone, just 'puter.

Great, used on a session today and all worked great. Looking forward to the HD files timecode/position sync issue (VST Connect Pro) being resolved soon. :slight_smile:

I just updated my Pro version to 4.0.42. And the same on my Laptop (Performer). It shows “Public Beta” ?!?
Next thing: it tried to connect within my local network, wich worked well with 4.0.40 but now i get an error: “Sorry you can not connect within your local network. Make sure both sides use the same and up-to-date version!”
Thats nonsense! I have on both sides se same version. But it does not work.
Looks like a bug.

And now i can not go back to 4.0.40, cause there is no 4.0.40 on the download page. Only an old 3 version. :frowning:

Strictly speaking “4.0.42” is a public beta although it’s also the latest (and most stable!) release. Much better than 4.0.40 IMO so stick with it :slight_smile:

I’ve also had issues with testing via the local network with more recent version. Installed on 3 different PCs and 4 different pc/mac LAN clients. Fresh install works fine but some installs work over then LAN on cubase 10.5 but not 10 but is ok on nuendo 10 …another install works on 10 but not 10.5 !! …feels totally random ? ? So it’s not network specific issues (or windows firewall before anybody points that out !)

This leads me to believe it’s something in the cubase preferences - as VST connect pro (NOT PERFORMER) saves it’s preferences in the cubase project/setup.

IF you REALLY want to get it working over the LAN then you could try deleting all your cubase preferences (painful I know ) and all your VST connect Performer preferences…try it then

On the other hand I don’t find LAN connections at all useful - apart from testing.

The compromises you have when working with VST connect pro over a LAN seem to outweigh any possible advantage for not having to run a longer mic/headphone cable…and I’m a massive VST connect pro fan and use it all the time !!! YMMV

I’m struggling to think of any useful ‘real world’ LAN use application ?

4.0.42 is the public release as this topic announced. :wink:

well the in app description says “public beta” and the version is IDENTICAL to the “public beta” that was released a couple of weeks ago…it hasn’t gone through all the full regression testing of the other releases. It hasn’t got the full catalina notarisation like final releases…

call it what you like of course

I see, I stand corrected

Yes that’s what I want. It’s a good idea to test on LAN for to learn all funktions. :wink: If you have a recording session and a performer with no experiences with VSTConnect, it is important to know exactly how it works. You can not do testings with a client.

agreed - do you have a phone you can tethered your performer computer to so you can test ? (I understand that isn’t ideal)

Yes, that was my work around totday. But then the next problem appeared: the Performer can not open my audiodivice (UA25). It works perfectly with WaveLab and all the others but not with performer. :frowning:. And when I had a recording session a few days ago, Connect Pro crashed 2 times and cilled my Cubase. So I thing this version is realy buggy!

what was the crash ? - do you have a .dmp file

(probably best start a new thread for this )

I just purchased Connect PRO 4.0.42, downloaded and installed. Does not show up anywhere! VST cloud still says Connect Se only. Have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. Nothing. Suggestions? Running win 10, Cubase 10.5 latest version

My version of CB said SE also but when I downloaded the 4.0.42 update, it was labeled VST Connect SE/Pro so I thought SE and Pro were one in the same? The other version is Performer and 4.0.42 isn’t compatible with that.
Someone else may want to chime in on that?

@saxguru, thank you for your purchase! I have checked the database and VST Connect Pro does not show up because the activation code you received with the order hasn’t been used yet. Please activate the license using the eLicenser Control Center and your USB-eLicenser.

I’m confused by your question ?

The SE version isn’t the same as PRO but the updater works for both.

PRO needs a licence. The licence needs installing on your steinberg elicencer (dongle)

VST connect PERFORMER works with both PRO or SE and it’s ‘compatible with that’