VST Connect 5.0.20 maintenance update available

Dear VST Connect users,

we’re happy to release VST Connect 5.0.20, a maintenance update for VST Connect.
A detailed Version History as well as the download installers are available from the
Steinberg Download Assistant:

or the Steinberg Support (Download) pages.


Is there change log / release notes ?

… yes, here : link

See you,

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Hi, I tried the new version. I miss the button to share the video. (5.0.10 has this button, I didn’t find it at 5.0.20.) Is this possible?

what button do you mean? plugin, Performer?

My other computer is not turned on now, but this button is missing in version 5.0 20. (Nuendo 10.3 - Windows 10) We reverted to the previous version and were able to turn on video playback. In 5.0.10 there is this button.

using it all the time. are u sure you didn’t start the SE version?

VST Connect Pro. I attach an image of the two software. The VST Connect Pro 5 trial version, I received from you. Valid until December 26. Could this be the problem?

The trial version has no video support, sorry.

I bought version 4 a long time ago.
This was the only feature we wanted to try with version 5… :slight_smile:

wonder why was it working in 5.0.10 ?

Hi Soundhunter,
I guess you are running a “25 Hours All Applications” license. Please check your licenses with your “eLicenser Control Center” app. That’s why it possible for you to load VST Connect 5. But Version 5.0.10 (or 5.0.20) will stop working for your when that time-period (41 minutes and 16 seconds) exhausted.
See you, Michael.

Hi Dr. Strangelove, it’s a license topic. “25 All Applications” or “VST Connect PRO 5 Trial” are not allowed to run video. See you, Michael.

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yep - it did cross my mind :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,
I use a two-month license, you sent it. (Due to trying Windows 7) Valid until December 26th…
But anyway, we could already try version 5.0.10 with Windows 10.
Thank you again!