VST Connect 5.5.10 - ADR - no Bars and Text

I have a VST Connect PRO Session with ADR Markers and everything. But on Performer they can´t see the ADR Bars and Text, only the Video-Picture. In my Preview I see everything. Is that a known issue?
Then when more Markers overlay the Text and Bars are jumping in my Preview - I had to delete all other markers but them where I need then it worked, but just in my preview not in Performer.

For Performer to see the overlays, “Enable Overlay” has to be active, did you do that?

Didn’t quite get that, what you mean ‘jumping’? If it is reproducible, we’d apprciate a project file (no audio or the like, just the project).

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Enable Overlay is activated - in Performer I can find no options for that. But in Performer I can´t see Bars and Text or something. In my preview in Nuendo there is everything activated and I can see everything how it shoult be.
I´ll get the project file and will update it here.

Okay, it´s weird, I can´t recreate it exactly but the Text is jumping in Pre- and Postroll (not in the Take anymore - thats good - but before and after, that´s confusing - now I can´t see Text in Postroll in my Main-Video-Player, this never happened but yet). Here you can see it: cinecode Cloud
Previously it looked like I have “Free Run” activated and the Text was jumping in the Take (Marker), but only in VST Connect Pro Preview not in my Main Video-Player.
But the issue with the Overlay at the Performer still exists. When I test it here (Performer with my my MacBook over Hotspot) I don´t see any Overlays but Timecode.

Are there any news? The performer still does not show the overlays.

We cannot reproduce this. Best to start from scratch, empty project, create VST Connect, then connect and check if it still doesn’t work.
Also we don’t know about your system. You may try to delete setup files; on Windows computers this would be C:\Users\myUserName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect.ini , where you need to replace myUserName with your Windows user name. On Mac, /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/com.steinberg.VST Connect.plist (important: restart thereafter or it does nothing). The same pathes apply to Performer, where you’d substitute “VST Connect” with “VST Connect Performer”.
If all else fails…you agreed to send a sample project, you can PM me directly, thanks.

After I deleted the files it runs even worse. I can´t see any video just black in VST Connect Window. Now it recreates the effect of the my first issue, I recorded the screen so you can see everything here: cinecode Cloud I tested it and started Performer on my MacBook. There I can see the Video, thats good, but there is jumping the ADR-Texts like before and the bars and everything are looking very weird, not like the correct bars in my VST Connect Window on Nuendo. Even though I have an important remote address recording this afternoon. This is very annoying because working with that is impossible - so once again I have to pay for SessionLinkPRO after buying VST Connect PRO :frowning:
I´ll send you the project file in PM. What do you want to know about my System. It runs Windows 10 and everything else works well :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, we are checking it asap. You may try and enable video views in the VST Connect plugin (Studio side). If that fails as well, you may also try other combinations of ADR settings.

I already tried some different combinations in both (VST Connect Pro & ADR Taker).
I disabled the video views because of there it doesn’t show the video. I just forgot to enable it again.

thanks, we are looking into it.