VST Connect 5.5.10 Maintenance Update now available

Dear all,

today we have released the 5.5.10 maintenance update for VST Connect Pro/SE and Performer. We recommend all users to download and install the update as it fixes some issues and comes with improvements.

A full list of all the fixes and improvements can be found in the version history, available in the SDA and on these websites:

VST Connect SE/PRO Downloads

VST Connect Performer Downloads


Great update, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi all!

Am I the only one having a very hard time just lauching the VST Connect Performer program with this new update? Software crashes and process is killed on startup, caused by VST2 plugin scanning. Very unstable when scanning plugins, and tried to find the culprit plugins, by adding one by one, but they are way too many to be caused by plugin devs.

To be able to open the program, need to empty the whole VST2 plugin folder of its contents. Now once VST Connect Performer is open, I am able to get to the Settings, try to uncheck the VST2 Plugin check box in the Plugin Manager tab, but everytime the program simply crashes and shuts down.

Spent several hours trying to make it work but gave up. For these reasons, this update is unusable for me at this time if clients have the same problem opening the software on their side :frowning: Sad person I am!

Edit: Forgot to mention, I’m on Windows 10 x64, latest updates, trying to make sure VST Connect PERFORMER works on my side before shooting to clients.

There are situations like this with every other VST host, mostly because some plugins violate the VST protocol. In this case, one has to narrow the culprit, usually best starting with free or otherwise ‘suspicious’ plugs, if that doesn’t nail it, remove 50%, still crashing? We then know it is within those 50%, so then remove half of it again until you found it. This ‘sucessive approximation’ method involves only few steps even with a massive load of plugins.

Also, you may want to examine this folder:
C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect Performer_64
(where you have to replace “myname” with your win user name). In there, you will find a file ‘Vst2Plugins.xml’, open it in a text editor and search for “damaged” and “valid”, this might show you where to find the culprit. There is also ‘Vst3plugins.xml’ for VST 3 plugins. Good luck!


Thanks for the tips @musicullum . I finally renamed my VST2 plugins folder, then managed to get VST Connect Performer running, went to the Settings and changed the VST2 folder location to an empty folder I created, and then closed the program and renamed my VST2 plugins folder to its orginial name. This now allows VST Connect Performer to start smoothly by actually not loading any VST2 plugins but only my VST3 plugins.

It’s the equivalent of simply unchecking the VST2 Plugins check box inside VST Connect Performer’s Settings, to “disable” the loading of VST2 plugins, just that trying to uncheck the said box actually crashes the program every single time on my side.

Thanks so much for your help and time with this issue!


Thanks a lot for the update. We would still be interested to learn which plugin causes the problem, so if you don’t mind we’d appreciate if you could send us said Vst2Plugins.xml file. Then we can possibly save other users the trouble. Thanks!

In My System VST CONNECT PRO has ver.

I have many connection error with older version.

Hi grlacag,

Cubase/Nuendo 11.0.40/41 has VST Connect SE/PRO with it. This version includes only one bug fix which is needed in combination with 11.0.40/41

See you,

Hi Michael
I receive this message

Sorry, connection failed Make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version

Client is VST CONNECT Performer
UDP Port are Open

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The same problem.
Working with my singer via VST Connect SE only.
We were pretty pissed off receiving “Sorry for our connection fu…d up…” message

Do you still have these problems? There was a provider problem last night for extra sevice but that should be fixed.

Bonjour a tous
dites svp le problème avec vst connect à t’il été enfin resolu ou pas encore ? parce que je ne parviens pas du tout à faire fonctionner correctement ce produit .

Merci de m’apporter vos solutions

je ne parle pas français, sorry. We need more details about your problem. What does not work as you expect?

Is it now possible to use a midi clock with the latest version of VST Connect Performer? VST plugins are syncing pretty well, but I still don’t get a midi clock from the host user (Nuendo).

There is Midi Clock output on the Performer. This is a tightly synchronised system, sync is implicit so you need no Midi Clock from the host. What is your application?

I’m having issues using VST connect. I have someone using VST Performer and I have nuendo 10.3. First off I have VST connect opened as a stand alone because I can’t find the Dll file to open it in the program. I have the 5.5.10 Every time we try to log in we get an error message saying our connection is not possible. We connected once and could never repeat the connection.

WE are both on PCs running windows 10


it sounds that you are trying to connect with a “VST Connect Performer” to a “VST Connect Performer”? That is not possible. You have to open “VST Connect” inside Nuendo and then connect to your Performer. You should find VCON in the menu bar. No?

See you

What do you mean by that? As Micha points out, you can only connect Cubase or Nuendo (which are using those dlls) and VST Connect Performer app on the other side. You cannot connect 2 Performer or 2 Cubase/Nuendo.