VST Connect 5.5 Pro and HD files again

Not sure if it’s ok to create a new topic, but the situation is slightly different
In my case, the Get HD Files button after a while simply ceases to be active (dimmed) and im see “0 HD files”. But sometimes (!) Restarting N11 or deleting and recreate the Performer rec track.
There is also an strange situation with the fact that having only one microphone input on a remote sound card, I always have a Performer rec track in a stereo format

I would like to understand in what quality files are written there “net” format?
And can I be sure that all session files are saved locally on a remote PC with a Performer and in which folder should I look for them?

We will look into this, seems wrong to me. For now, answering your questions: remote PC should store recordings as long as the according channels record enable is engaged. Files are wav format in 16 or 24 bit depending on Performer settings.

thx, and i want to inform you that the last two days have been intense remote work on ADR and there has not been a single major failure of the program, which is very cool. At one moment, the next day, I found a events (HD files), which turned out to be empty (without any signal). But this information was not essential and I hope this will be corrected. HD Files loaded well. Thank you for the interesting product, I don’t mind the money.

Great, good to hear it worked out for you. Happy holidays to all of you and stay healthy!

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