VST Connect 5 Pro with Apollo X16 and UA's Console application

Wondering if anyone here has experience using VST Connect 5 with Cubase 12 and a Universal Audio thunderbolt interface. I’ve had nothing but endless frustration. I THINK the problem lies between the “Console” application that runs the Apollo and seems to fight with Cubase. I’d love to talk to someone familiar with this combination who’s had success.

Windows 10 PC/ 64Mb ram
UA X16 Thunderbolt Ineterface
Cubase 12 Pro
VST Connect 5 Pro

Thank you in advance for your wise counsel.

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One of my collaborators uses N12 and a Thunderbolt Apollo, and we do not have any issues with it. I helped him set it up and we didn’t do anything differently from the various setups on my my side of the equation (RME Fireface and UR 22, home and remote setups respectively).

What is the nature of your issue?


I don’t think the UAD mixer and Cubase running at the same time go together well, but that’s just an assumption.
As you refer to VST Connect it remains unclear on which side the Apollo is connected? If it is connected to Cubase the question is if this issue is specific to VST Connect at all.

@Chewy_Papadopoulos : A friend and I tried for several hours to configure a simple session with me on the VST Connect Pro side and he on the Performer side. Many aspects worked fine. Video was good, all the plugins that automatically insert themselves into the Cubase control room seemed to be in order. The issues were:

  1. I was attempting to use the built-in talk-back mic in the Apollo X16 but the performer could only hear me if I had “Talk” enabled in the Console application. It didn’t matter what I did to the talk-back settings in Cubase.

  2. When I started playback of the project the performer would hear nothing but very loud noise. The kind of noise you’d expect to come from a fried sound card. It did not matter what I did on my end with levels on any or all channels. The noise was an issue that would not be solved (by me anyway).

@musicullum : I have no doubts that the issue may lie in Cubase or Console as opposed to VST Connect. That’s why I was hoping to lean on the wisdom of those much more experienced than myself.

I assume the Talkback issue is a problem with the Apollo. Nuendo switches the audio input set to the TB channel, which is a system resource, so if that fails it is clearly an external issue.
Many audio systems may run into racing problems: buffer time is exhausted by audio processing, plugins etc) which is often the first cause to look for when such noise occurs. Check CPU meter, try to reset the audio system, eventually increase buffer size and see if that helps; on the Studio side, buffer size can be large when using VST Connect, as low latency is not of concern because of remote latency management. While the Apollo system is somewhat special, it worked here w/o issues so far.

Hello, I am new to the UAD universe. I too am running CB 12pro. Re: the Console. I can toggle CB 12 to the Console using the Tab/Command keys however, the track continues running in the background but, no Playback sound from the Console. I want to hear my tracks and Tweak from the Console. What am I doing wrong?

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You need to ask Cubase related questions in the Cubase forum, this is about VST Live.