VST Connect 5 Video offset?

So I pulled out my wallet immediately this morning when I saw a new VST Connect with VIDEO CAPABILITY!!

What an amazing addition!
My one question is:
Is there a way to adjust the video offset in VSTC Performer?

If I have a Cubase session that starts at 1:09:52:00, the timecode overlay on VSTC Performer correctly displays the timecode coming from Cubase, but the Video in VSTC Performer is on frame 1 of the video file. (this is a video loaded locally on the performer side)

Surely I’m missing something? Not all cues begin at 1:00:00:00

Thanks so much!!!

Currently only the Cubase/Nuendo Project Start Offset is taken into account. The very next update will feature an additional offset for local Performer video file as you requested (we had it already but it didn’t quite make it, sorry).
On the other hand, video streaming is always in sync, even if you edit the video track.

Ok, will look forward to that addition! Hopefully sooner than later.

I also tried to sync up an external video player on the performer side. It appears that MTC generated from VSC Performer is still not adjusting for Timecode offset coming from Cubase. Is this correct?

MTC/LTC offsets can be set in Performer settings.

oh great!!

Where is this accomplished? I can’t seem to find anywhere to adjust MTC offsets in Performer settings

In settings, I see only:

Audio Device
Buffer Size
Audio Upstream
Video Upstream
Video Device
Video Mirror
MIDI Input
MIDI Output
MTC Output
MTC/LTC Framerate
HD Projects Folder
LTC Output

oops, you are right. We’ll fix that asap, sorry.

awesome sauce! Having correct MTC would be my preferred method over hosting video anyway. It allows for a LARGE bar counter in the host application.

Any idea when the fixed version will be available? Got a project starting in 2 weeks that would be amazing to use VSTC with :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is another delay. We try our best and hope to get it done in approx 2 weeks.

Ok. Thx!

Any word on the next update? Been 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Installers are beeing tested, will be released this week. Thanks for your patience.

woohoo! thx!

Hi Musi,

Downloaded and installed 5.0.10. The new window for MTC offset is there, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Regardless of what I put in the Performer MTC offset, the MTC sent from Performer always starts at Also, it seems Performer now sends MTC of upon playback start REGARDLESS of what measure Cubase is started from.

Am I getting something wrong?

ouch - will check immediately.

there is indeed a bug, sorry. The offset was subtracted instead of added; unfortunately one can not enter a negative time, that would have fixed it. So you’ll have to wait for the next version (soon we hope). again, sorry.

5.0.20 is so close!

The VSTPerformer MTC output seems to be sending whatever SMPTE is coming from the Cubase session WITHOUT needing to put an MTC video offset in. This is fantastic!

HOWEVER, it seems the SMPTE from the MTC output is 6 seconds ahead. Ie: if my Cubase session is at 1:30:00:00, the SMPTE from the Performer MTC is sending 1:30:06:–
I don’t know exactly how many frames because the MTC output only sends SMPTE on playback, not on locate. (sending SMPTE on locate would be a tremendous addition for usability)

Can this be confirmed?

Also, when loading a video file into Performer, the Video File Offset still seems to have no effect.

The video offset is preset to Cubase/Nuendo Project offset, so I wonder where those 6 seconds should come from. Let me check it and get back to you.

Can’t find anything wrong with MTC output.

What happens if you set Cubase Project Start Time to 00:00? In any case, the MTC offset should be 0, as project start time is always added (such that MTC reflects the cursor position when Performer MTC offset is 0). Given that, you might be able to get rid of your 6 seconds offset by entering it in MTC offset field? Or maybe it’s still in there from an earlier session and that’s the culprit?

Anyway, you will probably like that we have added an MTC full message for the next version (sent on stop/locate).

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So I made a video showing the issue I’m having.

Interestingly enough, if I start the Cubase session at 0:00:0:0, the discrepancy is only about 1/2 a second, but it is still there.

I can’t fix it in the VSTPerformer offset because:
a) there’s no way to tell exactly how many frames/seconds it is off
b) I would need to put in a negative number in the offset, which is not possible.

Super stoked that MTC on stop/locate is being added. We are close to being able to implement VST Connect for film sessions!!

Thanks for the video. However it’s not that we doubt the issue, but unfortunately the video doesn’t show relevant info that we asked for. What is the Project Start Time? Where do you start in the timeline? Are sample rates matching? Is there a display offset? Anything else time/offset related? Does it behave the same when you start say 10 min later? etc, anything that comes to mind.
Starting at the top of the project may cause problems with VST Connect, we are working on it, but for now it is recommended to not do that.