VST Connect -- always "not connected"


I’m hoping someone can help me with this… I haven’t found much information regarding this issue.

For the first time I recently decided to try VST Connect. I followed the instructions from the manual (as well as other online sources): Selected “Create VST Connect” from the menu (VST Cloud>VST Connect>SE), set up a talkback channel, chose a name for the network login, clicked on connect. No matter what I do though, the VST Connect plugin will always show me as “not connected”.

My internet connection is clearly working, and I even tried disabling my firewall (although it already has Cubase listed as an exception). Same result - not connected. This has been the same on my desktop and laptop (both running the latest Cubase 8.5), and on different networks. I don’t really know what else to try, seems like this should be simple, and all instructions and issue reports I’ve found seem to focus on things that happen AFTER a connection has been established… I never even got to that point. Any suggestions?

I’m not sure it matters, but my system is:

Mac Pro running El Capitan 10.11.6
3.41 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Cubase Pro 8.5.10 (64bit)
Steinberg/Yamaha UR242 interface
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.50.30 PM.jpg

You don’t even mention a Performer. VST Connect is for recording another person elsewhere on the planet over the internet. For that, that person downloads the freely available Performer application, enters the key number (as shown in your picture) you tell him or her, then clicks connect to get the two of you connected and ready to record the Performer.

Hi musicullum, thanks for your reply. I do understand the concept of VST Connect, that’s why I wanted to try it. I’ve tried it out with a performer friend, but when he enters the key code he just gets the message “this user is not connected”. Hence my question: what would I have to do to get connected?

Does anybody have any advice on this? Evidently VST Connect is working for some people…

If the server replies that “A studio with that key is not connected”, it means exactly that. Pls note that there are 2 groups of numbers in the key, separated by a space. This has to be entered exactly as displayed on the studio side. Copy and send it to the Performer for him to paste if all else fails. Often people simply forget the space character between the two number groups.

We did make that mistake at first, leaving out the space. We then tried it via copy&paste and then emailing. But with or without space, the result is the same. As the screenshot in my first post shows, VST Connect on my side has never gotten a connection. My collaboration partner also owns Cubase, so we tried it the other way around too, but he never got a connection either. It simply always says “not connected” on the recording side, and “this user is not connected” on the performing side.

Looking at the logfiles I see that some have failed connection because of a “strange” character in the name (can’t say more because we don’t gather any personal information). Can you try to use names with plain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, no spaces etc)?

Hi - sorry for the slow reply, I was moving my studio to a new room and couldn’t use Cubase for a while.

I double checked that my username doesn’t contain any strange characters. I think I might have had a . or | in there before, so I suppose this may have been the issue - now I get a connection and I can see the performer’s video. Haven’t really tried recording anything yet, but at least there is now a connection!

Thanks for the advice!