VST Connect Cue Mix whacks my display resolution

Ok… So I am setting up the engineer side of VST Connect Pro step by step. When I get to the step where I insert the cue mix plug on the group track it suddenly throws my resolution smaller to almost half the size. Can barley read the channels or anything else. Effects the whole layout, every window. Help?

Surface Pro 3 I7
Audio box USB
Dual Monitor setup with the Surface pro display at 2160 x 1440
Second Display Samsung U28D590 @ 3840 x 2160

Using Nuendo 6.5 btw


sorry … soon, there will be a new VST Connec PRO Version 3 available. It’s free for registered users.
This version will fix your problem.

Please be patient,

Soon as in days or weeks … I only ask because it is central to my whole operation. About to spend the $ for nuendo and I need to start tracking. is the bug in cubase as well? I might be able to grab that demo and it get me by untill the fix.

More like days if no catastrophic bugs are reported. Cubase or Nuendo makes no difference.