VST connect error message

In cubase 7 VST connect worked fine for me.When I updated to 7.5 and tried to use the template i always get this message "An Exception occured.Save your work and restart the application.The exception was thrown because of the plugin:VSTConnect SEController"and then cubase freezes.I decided to just keep using cubase 7 for vst connect and wait until ver 8 came out and see if it would fix itself.Now i have updated to cubase 8 and the same problem is happening!!!Its driving me crazy…anyone else have this problem or any advice?

Is this happening only once or every time?
You might try to delete VST Connect preferences (assuming Windows on C:)
C:\Users<me>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg and there, any of the VST Connect .ini files that apply.
Hope that helps.