VST Connect ES work. VST Trafnsit dont work.

Misteinberg password does not contain forbidden characters.VST Connect ES work. VST Trafnsit dont work. Cubase Pro 9.0.40. Everything stops at the stage of entering mail and password, then nothing happens.How is this problem solved?

Hi and welcome,

Do you have the latest VST Transit update installed, please?

Hello and welcome, Martin.Jirsak

I have to work through Google translator, so I apologize for any errors that occur.
Of all the updates, I found only VST Transit Join. And it does not work with Cubase. Perhaps you are more knowledgeable in this matter. Please tell me where are the updates for VST Transit.


Use VST Transit Join instead.

Hello and welcome, Martin.Jirsak
Thank you friend! Installed VST Transit Join. Booted successfully! I don’t know whether it will work stably. I’m studying.
One thing is not clear. Why write on the same site where you are loading
VST Transit Join that Cubase can work with regular
VST Transit. Starting with Artist 8.5 /