VST Connect in the market

Technology never stands still… Just seen this from Ginger Audio - their plugin is called Authentic Audio (VST3 AU AAX)
Authentic-Audio | Ginger Audio

I haven’t looked at all closely into it myself. Headline ‘features’ are interesting…

Windows or Mac, subscription only access (no perpetual license), it can be used in any DAW, and you stream to a web browser, support for Surround or Multichannel audio, screen share (specific windows not just the whole screen) and hold unlimited connections (it says at the website).

Insert emoji’s into the video feed, grab attention to yourself with an animated wave gesture when there’s multi users online… well, it goes on…

Anyway, only posting as food for thought… :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the show-stopper for me right there, but apart from that, I would take the claim of 32/96 PCM (i.e. uncompressed) realtime streaming with a grain of salt – unless they mean “not over the public internet”.

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