vst connect locks cubase pro ... please help

Hi everyone , im having huge issues with vst connect . it came as the se version attached to cubase pro 10 . when i open the create VST connect it brings up a blank screen and locks cubase ? i thought maybe an update so i installed latest version and now i get a screen up when i create VST connect but it still locks up and i cannot enter username or password ? any help would be so much appreciated … thankyou :smiley:

Are you using multiple monitors (screens)? Try to move the plug to the primary screen.
Also you should want to install the latest versions, see https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079 at “Download sources”.

I have the same issue, As soon as I open the VST Connect , That’s it, I cant do anything!! have to end task and reboot

We are preparing for version 4.0.44, most probably this week. Pls give that a try first, if the problem persists pls. let us know.