VST Connect Logitech 920 HD Webcam

Hi Everyone

I have a Logitech 920 Webcam which I have been using successfully with VST Connect SE in Cubase 10.5. I upgraded to VST Connect 4 and although Cubase detects the webcam I cannot see the webcam image in VST Connect. All my other applications such as OBS Studio, Zoom, MS Team all detect the webcam and display the image with no problems. Does anyone know what the issue may be with either my webcam or VST Connect.

Any advice to a resolution will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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hi Martin - works fine here ?

What SE version were you using before you upgraded to v4 ?

always works and always worked fine. Did you check settings (cogwheel) video input? Does your cam appear there?
Do not use “Logi Capture”, it’s bad - actually, VST Connect abandons it. But your cam should work nevertheless.

Hi Musicullum, thanks for your reply. The Logitech cam does appear in Video Input. I have also tried the Cam with and without Logi Capture and the image still does not display.

Thanks for your advice Musiculum

That’s weird. What does the video view show instead of the camera?
Also it might be that the Logi Capture still gets in the way, I uninstalled it right away.

I’ve uninstalled logitech capture and still the same problem. It just displays a blank window. I’ve tried another webcam and selected it in Connect settings and all displays fine. Really strange…

Absolutely strange. I have 3 of these and they all work fine everywhere.
Could you pls let us know a bit more about your system? OS version, processor, graphics card…?
Also, what do you mean by ‘blank’, is it white, black, or anything else?

Hi Musicullum

Still having no success with my camera. When I launch VST connect and select the camera, nothing is showing at all other than the cubase logo which is default.

My system consists of :
Windows 7 OS
Processor Intel i5
32 GB Ram
Sapphire HD 6450 1GB DDR3 DVI VGA HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card
Cubase 10.5

Windows 7…we don’t support that, sorry. personally upgraded 9 computers to Windows 10 (it’s still free) w/o any problems or data loss.

Same here, no issues on all PC’s :+1: