vst connect loosing sync

Hi guys,

I think I don’t need to emphasize enough the urgent need of working peer to peer remote recording solution right now
we spent three days testing different versions of vst connect pro and vst connect performer in our studio and we were able to get good results with latest installer ( meaning we can hear eachother, hd local files are correctly transmitted, but whatever we try we loose synch after 3-5 minutes of constant recording. nuendo with vst connect pro starts drawing “flat” wave, sync indicator goes red and we stop to hear each other with the performer.
During tests we used very stable internet connections and after increasing remote delay to 3 or 4 seconds connection was stable enough to run for several minutes, but eventually it disconnected anyway.
Do I miss something or 100mb/100mb fiber internet connection is not good enough?


I wrote you a PM. We had one similar case.

Hi musicullum, would you minding sending me the info on the case you mention, thanks :slight_smile:

Having a similar issue. Have you found any helpful solutions?

Same here.

pls try to increase the Remote Latency value in the VST Connect plugin settings (cogwheel). default is 1, set it to 1.5 or 2 or even higher if you are far apart. Had a connection from Germany to New Zealand yesterday and it would only work with a value of 2 or higher, which makes sense.
Also would be interested to learn if there are OSX computer(s) involved when the issue persists.
Finally, we hope to provide a new beta version soon which may show improvements.

hi musicullum, are you going to post on these forums when a new beta is released ?

sure, but where…here, at least.

just start a new thread ? - heard there may be fixes for the “get HD file” issues that some have seen.

FWIW beta 180 has gone live on the official SB site.