VST Connect MIDI noise, dropouts, etc

I finally was able to get VST Connect to work while recording a remote performer using guitar, bass and vocals.

Today I tried using the MIDI recording but ran into issues and was ultimately unsuccessful in making a remote midi recording.

The remote performer was using a MOTU m4 with a Korg Kross 2 connected via USB MIDI. We could both hear each other through talkback, and I could even load a VST Instrument such as a Synth Pad in Halion Sonic and set the input to the VST Connect MIDI and hear the remote player trigger the VST Instrument live.

Once I hit record, it would pause longer than normal, about 4 sec or so, then I’d hear a computer buzz and 1/2 the time it would not record. Also, the performer would say the track was cutting in and out. I also noticed the Sync light would glow red once I hit record.

Both of us have good cable internet with Ping Latency less than 40ms, download at least 85mb and upload at least 12mb.

So this was frustrating because I was optimistic it would work considering my past success with Audio (Bass, Guitar, Vocal).

My Question: Has anyone been able to record just MIDI successfully? Has anyone had the same symptoms as me? All software is up to date as of Nov 1 2020.

try to increase the Remote Delay > 1.5 or at least 1.5 sec.