VST connect Mixer offline

i saw previous questions about this fault with no apparent solution.
is this unresovled?
i cant get it to work. same with VST connect performer not working (separate post)

It has been resolved and not reported for some time now. What version do you use?
Also in former cases like this, simply reconnect would fix it.

Win 10
deleted VST Connect.ini and re-started: same fault: Mixer offline.

Try to get Performer to delete VST Connect Performer.ini, does that help?

i never get a VST Connect Performer.ini anywhere on my computer…

I said “Try to get Performer to delete…”. The VST Connect Performer.ini is created when you run VST Connect Performer. VST Connect.ini is created on the computer running Cubase or Nuendo with VST Connect.

as Performer is not even starting up properly how can i get Performer to delete the .ini?
i understand that (if it would start) Performer would create (temporarily?) its .ini file. but its not starting so there is no .ini file anywhere on the PC when i search for it (i use Search Everything)

…but that’s a different issue, I’m confused. If Performer doesn’t start, mixer won’t show up naturally.
So, no VST Connect Performer.ini on the Talents machine?
That implies that it has never started at all? It might have started at some point, maybe even only halfway, so it can’t hurt to check for that file.
Next step would be to disconnect camera and possibly audio interface. Try to narrow the culprit.
If it has started at some point, it might involve VST Plugins.
I know this is tricky because it involves the Talent, but it is obviously very uncommon that the app doesn’t even start, so there must be some specific issue on the Performer computer.
We’d need to know specifics about the target system (interface if any, camera, OS Version…) for a remote diagnosis.

i started Cubase without 3rd part plugs but the problem persists. i noticed when instantiating VST Connect it shows a window with the different items it loads. but the VST Connect.dll stays greyed out.
see the .gif here:
VST Copnnect

We do beleive you. But it would be more useful to see the video settings in VST Connect.

But you aren’t even connected, how do you expect the Performers (!) Mixer then?

the video shows the opening of VST Connect in Cubase, NOT VST Connect Performer

Yes, and you have to be connected to a Performer to see Performers’ (!) mixer in Cubase.