VST Connect not able to connect at all

My apologies if the answer for this is already posted somewhere; I can see that others have had a similar issue under different scenarios, but it isn’t clear if my issue is similar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am completely unable to get VST Performer to work under any circumstances that I’ve tried.

The error messages that are thrown are in the following sequence, regardless of configuration:

FIRST: “Sorry, you can not connect within your local network.” (even when both machines are on separate networks, and VST Connect Pro advertises that it should be able to connect between a client and host on the same LAN).

NEXT, and SUBSEQUENTLY: Studio with Key #### ##### is not logged in!

This happens with Mac and PC versions of VST Connect Performer using either VST Connect Pro or VST Connect SE, and also with “Studio Pass” running from iOS from VST Connect Pro.

I’m running Cubase Pro 8.5.15 build 126 (64bit) running on Mac OS X Yosemite, and a 10-day trial version of VST Connect Pro that I downloaded in hopes of getting any configuration working at all. I’m not running any kind of firewall.

If you want to connect within a local network (PRO version only) you need to click the button below the login button instead, in the Performer application. This button is only active (blue) when a computer running the VST Connect plugin is detected in the LAN.

It has not been possible for me for a week to connect from my vst SE3 over the Internet from Malaysia vst SE3 to Los Angeles and Nashville and Germany. All connections provide connection bug. Immediately past it has been possible to get video connection but no audio. Is it only me who have this problem or is it a server problem at Steinberg?

You should be more specific. You get video (in one, in both directions?) but no audio (in one, or both directions)? Then the connection is ok but probably some settings are wrong. Try “Create VST Connect” from an empty project, make sure to have your talkback mic assigned (devices/vst connections/studio Tab). Does that work? If not, what exactly is missing?

Sorry but I am given up on vst connect. I my opinion to many problems. I have been in touch with Steinberg Germany and I did follow all instructions. Even Steinberg Germany use Team Viewer to make setting in my Cubase 8.5 it still not works. If SG cannot solve the problem how can I?
I my opinion the problem can be in Steinberg server. If the server for some reason is down then no connection and that is actuelly a new problem for me when I tryed to use VST connection. It is waste of my time.

The connection server is always available 24/7. The connection itself is a peer-to-peer connection and there is another connection path if that should fail. So far all connections have worked unless behind restricted (company-) firewalls.
Once you see or hear the other side, the connection itself is established anyway. We can try to help but you need to be more clear describing the problems.

Just for your information I did talk several times in phone with Eric Steinberg Germany and follow his instructions. Call him if you dont believe me. Unfortunatley SG cannot establish a VST connect because of filters in SG systems (Eric’s words).

If Steinberg really want to help people with VST connect then I can recommend Steinberg to have a help service where it is possible to setup and make a connection.

well so far there was no need for that anyway, now it’s exploding and we try our best. We have solved a few tricky connections issues directly, but resources are limited - particularly now. Maybe others can jump in and provide test connections. Else write a PM and we can see if we can help you. Also a new version is out very soon which you may want to try, it also has improvements on connections.


Its been about a month or so the I can’t connect to VST Connect. I have VST Connect Pro, and I have tried every possible credential combinations, including my Steinberg account credentials, but it keeps returning the message “Unknown email or password. Please check your email and password, or register first.”

I keep connecting to My Steinberg easily using my credentials, but not to VST Connect. It used to work though…

Can you help out here?

Thank you,



please visit this website to get the latest version. If you still have troubles to login with your MySteinberg account, please drop me a mail (m.spork (at) steinberg.de).