VST Connect not working on local network?

I have a CP-70 in my apartment (outside of my studio) and I thouht VST Connect could be used to record it. Unfortunately I am greeted with a message that VST connect is not supported on a local network.

Is there a way to overcome that?

Yes, purchase a PRO version. With that, you can connect locally.
You cannot record your piano in realtime though. But you can record MIDI in Cubase/Nuendo with some other instrument, then send playback MIDI to Performer and record Performer audio, that should work.

However I already own the PRO version.
Or do you mean I need two PRO versions, one at the performer side as well?

Why shouldn’t I be able to record audio in realtime btw?

I’ve been recording vocals from the other side of town and even other countries, in realtime during the pandemic, so it seems ironic that I wouldn’t be able to do that across the apartment?

But I guess I can always bounce down a stereo mix and record on my laptop directly instead.

Start Cubase or Nuendo, and on the other computer, start Performer connected to the same local network, there click the network item (looks like a WiFi item) and select the studio computer to connect to.
VST Connect is not a realtime jamming tool. There is always a delay which is compensated for so to acheive perfect sync, this requires lookahead-playback.

Sure, but that’s not “realtime”. The magic of VST Connect makes it appear so, but it’s a one-way process. You send audio (playback) to the other side, then after remote delay time (default 1.5 seconds) you receive the “reply”. That kind of delay you would not want to accept when you play your piano in realtime.

Thanks! That finally did it!

No worries, since it’s an acoustic piano, I run it into my Apollo Twin, turn down the piano in VST Connect and monitor through the UAD Console in (more or less) realtime.

To round it off I control Cubase in the studio via Screen Sharing - mission completed! :slight_smile: