VST Connect Performer and midi protocol

Is it possible to make recording lights work with VST Connect Performer?
My situation is like this:
Producer from another city records (with Cubase 10 and VST Connect Pro) a performer that is in my studio (on our side is VST Connect Performer). That’s some kind of “reversed” way to use VST Connect but such way of recording lets us use studio type mics and preamps.
In my studio I made Recording Lights system that works with Mackie Hui midi protocol. I’d like the lamps to shine when a producer presses REC button.
Is it possible to transfer that type of midi data to VST connect Performer?


Interesting idea. I guess it should work when you can make Cubase send such MIDI command to Performer (by sending to the plugin), then in Performer set MIDI Output. Performer must not have a VST Instrument assigned, then it might work.
Also note that Performer outputs MTC and LTC, maybe that can be “abused” somehow.

Thank you!
“Send data to the plugin” - I think that’s the key! I’ll try it.